Thrive Aviation

Looking to completely relaunch their brand, Corporate Flight International (CFI) wanted to start over. With new ownership, a new management team, and a fleet of new jets, CFI needed a lot of, well, new. A new name, a new branding vision, and new sales material assets that included a rebranded website; each needing to capture the prominence of a new fleet, the acumen of new management, and the new team’s growth objectives to engage an affluent market. Also, ensure that the consumer-facing brand captured the company’s service excellence and outstanding inventory.


  • Brand Development
  • Creative Design
  • Website Development

Listen, learn, then relaunch.

Before putting pen to paper, we engaged in an extensive research process to thoroughly understand this market. We conducted multiple interviews, client work-sessions, and pulled information from multiple 3rd party research partners. This process enabled our insight and led to the discovery of how aspirational the private aviation market is, even for those who have achieved it. The convenience and empowerment of at-the-ready luxury air travel became our direction for the brand and guided the following process:

  • Strategic naming recommendations
  • Art direction and graphic design services including concepting and logo design
  • Color psychology analysis and application
  • Audit of brand and sales assets
  • Brand storytelling/writing mission, vision, and values
  • Create custom website design and coding
Thrive Tagline

Thrive Aviation

Naming a brand is a big responsibility, and it is one we respect greatly. We start by identifying a strategic direction for our naming concepts and present original and authentic naming options to accomplish our objective. After our extensive process, we landed on the name Thrive Aviation. This name embodied the power of their customers, the drive of the ownership, and goals of the company; to excel in life and seek elevated experiences.

Brand Identity

As a new brand, Thrive Aviation needed a unique identity and positioning. Before we created taglines or any marketing campaigns, we needed to provide the brand architecture to thrive within. So, we developed a brand identity document that provided the vision for Thrive Aviation; the brand’s definition, purpose, values, voice, target, positioning, deliverables, personality, and below story.

We’re a company for those that guide others to live with intention and dedication. For those that progress towards prosperity and soar through adversity. Our mission is to enable excellence and propel the purpose of our clients. Because when you travel with us, you don’t just fly, you Thrive.

Thrive logo drawing
Thrive jet in the snow

Logo Development

What was unique to this project was a need for a single icon or mark to accompany the logo. The mark needed to be complementary to the selected Thrive Aviation logo and also be a freestanding visual that would become synonymous with Thrive Aviation once it was in the marketplace.

Art Direction & Design

After establishing a brand voice, logo, and mark, we explored a visual identity to support its positioning. A deep dive into typography, color theory, and visual representation helped create a look that placed Thrive above the rest. Employee and consumer facing materials were created that were consistent with Thrive Aviation’s mission statement and its new visual identity.

Thrive Image Collage
Homepage design on desktop

Website Development

We launched a new website for Thrive Aviation with our new brand vision, full-screen imagery, and a prominent booking CTA. By using an aspirational positioning, we created a website focused on the transcendent lifestyle, professionalism, safety, and inspirational travel provided by Thrive Aviation.

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