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Calculated creation happens every day in our offices. We use our diverse disciplines to acknowledge opportunities in areas of need; then we go attack them.

Because coming up with an idea is nothing without taking action to execute it. And every day, we push ourselves to do both.

Method meets Madness

Brand Development & Creative

Welcome to the brand creation factory. A well-oiled machine that connects insights with the out-of-sight. When we develop your brand, we immerse ourselves in your business and use authentic data-points to determine the ideal positioning. Brand names, logos, verbal and visual identity; when we create, we produce mind-changing ideas and concepts that make people stop and stare. That’s the point, after all. Give us your goal, and let’s get to work.

Our communications team at work

We Influence the Influencers

Integrated Communications

On the phone, on the fly, and in the know, our integrated communications teams in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas deliver enormous firepower to connect your business with top editors and influencers. Social Media and Public Relations have evolved.  So have we.  Come meet our integrated communications team filled with versatile and agile professionals looking at the complex media landscape through one smart lens.

Working on digital projects

Planning that creates profit

Digital Marketing & Media

Some agencies divide their “traditional” and “digital” media teams.  Our team uses smart strategies to maximize your advertising budget across integrated mediums, driving traffic to your site, optimizing engagement, and yielding conversions. We make every impression count, whether it’s on a billboard or mobile phone, producing profitable outcomes and strong ROI for your paid media plan.

Working on the web design process

Creativity is our Domain

Website Design and Development

Your website is one of the most important elements of your business and your brand.  That’s why we have a dedicated in-house team to create highly intuitive, customized, and creative digital environments for our client partners. If you’re looking for a template website, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re seeking a website to break boundaries and torch the competition? Let’s talk.

Once you learn how to juggle you never drop the ball.

Today’s consumers have the attention span of a squirrel jacked up on a double espresso. If you can’t mobilize a team and quickly execute a robust, cohesive, strategy across a spectrum of marketing tactics, you’re dead. That’s why we created Braintrust.

We’re not all things to all people, and we don’t want to be. But for businesses the right size in the right industries, Braintrust is a powerful and nimble extension of your marketing team. Blending sure-fire scientific analytics with shoot-from-the-hip creativity, we are a bold yet balanced agency to garner successes across multiple disciplines.

You can read those processes below, but don’t get excited, we keep the real ingredients to the secret sauce under lock and key.

Troy brainstorming on a whiteboard

Brand Strategy


Design is not a copy and paste process. It demands intuition and insight. That’s why our creative combines innovative thinking with strategy, and accountability. Our in-house creative design team delivers at the highest level, producing everything from long-form magazines, large-scale wall installations, integrated advertising campaigns, to email marketing, corporate identity packages, and banner ads. Make no mistake, our creative may be buttoned-down, but the shirt is untucked.

Web Design & Development

Newscaster with ice sculpture

Public Relations

Social media photo shoot

Social Media

Woman reviewing analytics

Digital Media

Today, more than 75% of purchasing decisions are made online, and modern consumers will reference more than ten online sources before making a decision. Reputation management, local listings, social media and digital PR all contribute to your online footprint. Having strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ongoing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is integral to a successful marketing campaign. We have a proven track record of managing SEO and SEM, and with a team of social media content creators and strategists we ensure that your brand is top of mind in the crucial social space.

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